Wisconsin Transition Improvement Plan


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Improving Outcomes Through Planning and Implementing

GRIP Resources

Introduction and Data (Left Pocket)

  1. Introduction to Transition Tools ppt (no need to copy)
  1. Sample GRIP Agenda (personalize for your meeting)
  2. GRIP Getting Started – Creating User Accounts and Your GRIP Team
    1. Overview of TIG, PSO, TIP and GRIP Websites ppt (no need to copy)
  3. WI Graduation Rates Articles
  4. WISEdash Quick Help Sheet
  5. GRIP Graduation (Ind 1) and Dropout (Ind 2) Rates
    1. District Indicator 1 and 2 Data (fill district data in from WISEdash portal)
    2. District Indicator 14 Data (print from WiPSO website)
    3. District Indicator 14 Data by Race - optional (print from WiPSO website)

GRIP Documents (Right Pocket)

  1. GRIP Directions ppt (no need to copy)
  1. Promoting Excellence for All (PEFA) Beliefs
  2. GRIP Ratings and Next Steps Planning Example
  3. GRIP At A Glance - At-A-Glance
  4. GRIP At A Glance - Ratings View
  5. GRIP Full Website View
  6. GRIP Resources (same as under the "Learn More" left-hand link; no need to copy)
  7. RtI Risk Factors for Not Graduating
  8. Culturally Diverse Practices Brief